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Blog Tag: Social Media Strategy

Interview with The Sociable: Teens on TikTok

Check out my interview with The Sociable. We chat the rise of #TikTok, security concerns and online safety: https://sociable.co/social-media/teens-on-tiktok-do-the-benefits-outweigh-the-risks/

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5 Instagram Updates You May Have Missed

I chat with Kivo Daily about 5 new Instagram updates you may have missed. Check it out: https://www.kivodaily.com/entertainment/5-instagram-updates-you-may-have-missed/  

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Expert Insights: Interview with Giga Startups

My recent interview with Giga Startups. I discuss my background, current role and changing social media trends: https://gigastartups.com/expert-insights-what-colin-peter-oriordan-says-about-the-changing-social-media-landscape/

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